Commission Office

The Commission is comprised of six single member districts, elected on a 3/3 two year rotation for a four year term. The Chairman is elected by the Commission body each year.  They are the serving arm of the State of Alabama Government.  The local elected officials are responsive to the needs of the people to act on their behalf.   They are responsible for legislative, executive and judicial duties.

The Commissioners pass ordinances, adopt budgets and oversee county departments.  Also among their duties is oversight of all county officers, departments, appointed boards and commissions.  They oversee the county budget and provide for the maintenance of roads and bridges, solid waste disposal, juvenile court services, ambulance services and building inspections.  In short, they supervise the tasks involved with managing county business.

It is the goal of the Commission to provide highly effective government leadership for Chambers County. It is our mission to oversee the administration of county government in Chambers County in a manner that will provide the very best services possible to the citizens of Chambers County.

The Commissioners sit as a quasi-judicial body to hear various matters including planning and zoning requests, property valuation protests and requests for cancellation of taxes and indigent issues.

The Commission meets the first and third Monday of each month. The schedule is subject to change and notices are published in the local newspapers prior to all meetings. All meetings of the Board are open to the public with the exception of executive sessions.

County Manager:  Regina N. Chambers
County Clerk:  Linda Anderson
Assistant County Clerk:  Sherri Foster
Admin. Assistant:  Brittany Still
Address: 2 South LaFayette Street
LaFayette, AL 36862
Phone: 334-864-4341
Fax: 334-864-4306