District Attorney

The District Attorney for the Fifth Judicial Circuit is elected circuit-wide, and is responsible for prosecuting all criminal cases arising in the four counties of the circuit, including Chambers County. While the District Attorney is considered the chief law enforcement officer of the circuit, he also has other responsibility, including appearing before administrative boards and Civil Courts, at the request of the affected entities, to represent the interest of the public in the hearings. The District Attorney works closely with the sheriff and each police department in the County, in the effort to see that justice is done, and criminal activity is punished appropriately.

The mission of the District Attorney of the Fifth Judicial Circuit is to represent the interests of Chambers County and the people of the State of Alabama in efforts to foster a safe, secure community and to advocate for victims throughout the criminal process and to try to insure that their rights are protected. The District Attorney can also, when requested, furnish legal opinions to public boards and commissions. In Chambers County, the District Attorneys Office is also responsible for the collection of past due child support, as well as unpaid fines, court costs and restitution and operates a pre-trial diversion program for first offenders.

District Attorney
Jeremy Duerr
Chief Assistant District Attorney
Amy Newsom
P. O. Box 609
LaFayette, AL 36863
Phone: 334-864-4316
Fax: 334-864-4374